Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PC Studio Program

PC studio is a program that allows you to manage your data in your cell through your personal computer. This is a very useful and easy to use program. You can access your text messages, email, pictures, videos on your phone to your computer. All you need to do is to install the program provided when you bought your cell phone or simply download on the internet. This will make your communication easier without typing on very small keys on your phone. When the screen of my phone got busted, the screen is all white and I couldn’t see anything on my phone screen. I started using PC studio and I was able to send and receive messages without the screen of my phone. I never thought the time that my phone got busted, I would be able to text my loved ones. Imagine if you have been on an emergency and your phone screen suddenly got busted and there is no way for you to fix the screen. PC studio program is cool and keeps your life easier than ever.

Four White Mice

I have four mice as my pet in my home. One of them is boy and the other three are girls. I named them by my favorite colors. The male named blue and the other three are violet, pink and yellow. Distinguishing one from another is a very difficult task. Looking at them closely, you can be observed that blue has the genital of a male of course, and violet has red eyes and her body are all white, while yellow has a darker spots of black on her back and pink has the lighter spots of black on her back. Amazing names, that resembles the characteristics of colors specifically blue as what most men prefer this color while pink is more of a lady-like color compared to yellow which represents their shades of their spots .

The first time I had them, they seem to be wondering inside their cage and keep on sniffing everything that they see. They even sometimes sniff your fingers and try biting them. I got scared I even didn’t dare to touch them anymore. But I kept wondering that maybe if I talk to them, they might somehow understand me and be tamed in my hands. I talked to them when I wake up; feed them with some sunflower seeds and even with fruits. Making sure that I’m the only one who feeds them is very important to me. I want them to recognize me as their caring friend who always provides them all the comfort that they need. As time pass, they grew, they seem to be so tamed that they won’t even sniff my fingers close enough. Placing my hand in their cage, they knew it was time to feed and became my friends. It’s like they are saying: “hi how are you, give me some food please!” I’m surprise that I can now hold them from head to tail. Amazing! That’s the secret of keeping your pets close to you, you must talk to them in a very nice way and keep them tamed and never scare them. In terms of their size violet is the biggest and the others are same. Well maybe violet eats a lot compared to the others.

Three months past my friend kept saying “something is in the cage!!!” I got shocked and what might had happened??? Did they die? Or maybe one of them got sick? Or maybe they had something out of their stomach! Got so scared and ran towards the cage!!! When I look at the cage, I saw two very cute baby mice and colored with flesh pink beside their mother!! So I started separating them with their mother and it seem that the mother won’t even dare leave her pups alone. So I never bother putting them in cage. I left them in a basin with full of soft wood carvings for their comfort. Hope they will produce more hair of their own and start growing. Keep you updated about their progress